Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Watching X-Files With No Lights On

TV Watched Today:
Community Season One: Pilot
MASH: Random Episode
Cash Cab
X-Files Season 5: The End
X-Files Season 6:The Beginning, Drive
Stargate Universe: The Greater Good

Tonight I was feeling a bit down and decided to watch something dark and dreary. It's sort of like engineering a vaccine by sampling the virus you're trying to kill. Anyway, for the last few months, I've been watching X-Files off and on through Netflix's FANTASTIC Instant View feature. It's been great. All of The X-Files in order, right here on my laptop.

Season 1 was nostalgic. Season 2 was tremendous with oh-so-much Darren Morgan goodness. Season 3 and Season 4 were awesome and very scary and now we're at the end of Season 5. I remember the fifth season as one of, if not the best. But I think that may just be because that was during the pinnacle of my X-Files fangirlness... oh yeah, you know I was totally reading me some fanfic.

Season 5 ends the same way approximately 95% of all X-Files seasons end: "They're shutting down the X-Files."
Wahhh Wahhh. Sad Trombone.

Still, this one is a little more visceral. Cancer Man actually burns that shit down. I mean, the "I Want To Believe" poster is all curling at the edges, licked by flames and everything. Then, Mulder and Scully have a sad embrace in their (I just came from Scully's apartment where we were lying "just friends style" on the couch together) street clothes.

Upon my more recent viewings of this show I've realized some things:
1-Mulder is way snarkier than I'd remembered.
2-Scully is struggling with some serious inner demons throughout the show... I'd sort of forgotten all about all this.
3-A.D. Skinner is f*cking HOT! I mean, like... mad sexy.

I mean really... for about three seasons the producers of this show found at least four reasons per season to put this surprisingly buff dude in his underpants.  Sadly, Skinner is grossly underrepresented in shirtless photos on Google Images. Sure, Mulder's infamous teacup shot is all over the place and believe me, my ninth grade self was SUPER happy about this. But now, in the aftermath of my teens, I find that my X-Files crush lines up more closely with my Star Trek crush:
patrickstewart    n2200287852_35237

Last night, I watched some Star Trek TOS.  Classic episode actually, Plato's Stepchildren. This episode is a little wacky and I really don't care for the ending. I wish Kirk had busted some Platonic ass and kept those jerks from being able to use their super food induced powers. But I digress...

OK, yes. This zany episode does contain TVs FIRST interracial kiss.  It's between Kirk and Uhura and a bunch of Southern networks actually refused to air it. It's just that epic. However awesome this factoid is, it's obscured by the fact that Kirk and Uhura were FORCED to kiss by these jackass Platonians which is too bad really.  Would've been much better if they just up and made it because they WANTED to.

You can read more about it in lots and lots of places. I'm actually more excited about my own minor discovery which is...

 Last night I found the two douchiest douche bags in all of Star Trek TOS:

I mean really... look at these guys.
 REALLY look at these guys.

Last night, I couldn't stop laughing and today it's just as bad. 

I challenge any of you to find two douchier douche bags than the ones here. Also, I challenge you to find quite as many fantastic screen grabs.  This was no quick and dirty google image search... No sir. This was some real, serious Star Trek, Batman, Detective shit. 

You're Welcome.