Friday, December 3, 2010

General Grievous... the crud... etc.

TV Watched Lately:
Mid-Season Finale: SGU (awesome!)
Star Wars: Clone Wars
Batman: Brave and the Bold
Terriers Finale (Season/Series?)
The Office
(Uggh... I'm beginning to see why I need to blog everyday... keeping track of everything I watch over the course of multiple days is sort of useless...)

I'm still frakking sick so I thought I'd just write a quick (am I kidding myself?) post about Star Wars Clone Wars and how much better it's become. 

Basically, when this show started, S and I were both pretty disdainful of it.  Not only did it seem far less interesting and innovative than the first series of Clone Wars cartoons, made by Genndy Tartakovsk, but it seemed incredibly juvenile... as though it had no idea who its potential audience would be... who they ought to be playing to.  The episodes were filled with lame bot jokes (ie- Roger, Roger) and they characters all seemed a little flat.

The second season though, came out strong with a deeper understanding of their potential viewers.  The episodes were smarter.  The characters were deeper. The plots were more involved, playing off pre-existing Star Wars tropes and exploring stuff that's been around for a long time.  Getting into the real lives of the Clones, doing stories about identity, humanity and courage.

This season, they're getting pretty political.  Last week's episode opened with a five minute senate debate on whether or not they should de-regulate the banks in order to keep funding the war. The entire episode was about the complexity of war and the relevance of terms like "good" and "bad."  It was brilliant and smart and I pictured my seven year old brother (yeah... BABY brother) watching and maybe soaking in some ideas about right and wrong.

It was cool.  Ok, I'm seriously hacking to beat the band.  Very General Grievous.  I'm going to go find some Halls or some vapor rub or... I don't know some <insert funny Star Wars reference here>

Uggh...Never mind.