Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Look, Same Old Shit

Alright, so last week, I started a new blog but was promptly thwarted by my inability to spell or, in fact, spell check.  So, my web address was all wonky.  Anyway, I transferred all my old crap over to a new address and made a pretty blog header etc.

Hope you enjoy the layout because I spent all morning on it, drinking only chocolate milk for sustenance while I worked feverishly, handicapped by my lack of decent software (see that gorgeous header... yeah... I made that in MS WORD... for realz.) Anyway, if you've never been here then it's all new so feel free to read my past rants.

Saturday's a slow tv day for us.  We usually catch up on the stuff that's fermenting in our DVR or have giant DVD marathons.  But today, we're leaving it on History International and I'm watching RoboCop talk about civic engineering. 

It's even better than it sounds.