Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Kisses and Colds

TV Watched Nov 9:
Then went to the library and worked for 3 hours...
TV Watched Nov 10:
Glee: "Never Been Kissed"
Raising Hope
Stargate Universe

Tuesday nights are pretty big around here but we usually don't get to enjoy the Tuesday-Awesomeness until Wednesday morning.  Usually we watch Glee while we eat breakfast and that's how we went about it today.  Consequently, I've started salivating for eggs and bacon as soon as I hear Lea Michele's voice.
Mmmm... bacon.

Anyway, this episode revolves around our differences, the bullying we (as weirdos, obviously I feel a certain amount of solidarity with the kids of Glee) put up with, and the courage it takes to overcome it and deal with it. Kurt gets shoved into the locker doors every day by some jock while the other boys of Glee Club start picturing Coach Beiste in strange, compromising positions to help them "cool down" when their girlfriends won't put out. Things escalate when Kurt ventures out to Dalton Academy, a swanky all boys school, whose Glee Club is treated like the second coming of [insert cool band here] (don't blame me, I'm musically challenged)  Kurt's awful treatment finally gets to him and in the comforting, non-judgmental atmosphere of Dalton Academy, he spills his guts about how hard it is to be the only openly gay kid at his school.  In the end, he finds some solidarity and courage to stand up to his bully.  More on that in just a bit.
Beiste (uggh, I felt so bad for this character the whole episode...) finally finds out about the fact that all the boys are using a mental image of her to provide an instant de-boner and she is (rightfully) mortified. When Mr. Shue finds out about this, he helpfully gives her a pep-talk, during which Beiste confesses that she's never been kissed. Mr. Shue kindly reaches forward and provides her with a sweet, friendly kiss.

OK, so here's how I feel about this episode.  Mostly, I really liked it.  In spite of the A-plot using a similar device as the season 2 episode of BTVS: Phases.  Please enjoy the following screencaps which I mostly TOTALLY got myself. Because when I made my new blog header, I learned how to use the Grab application on my mac.
Homophobic Douche Face

Homophobic Douche Face circa 1998

 Anyway, the quintessential homophobic douche hasn't changed much since 1998.  I mean really...

Despite the fact that this device was similar, the story wasn't really.  Xander and Oz are bullied by Larry (some douches have names) but they're not gay and don't put up with the same kind of intensive bullying that Kurt has to deal with on a regular basis. The circumstances are totally different and I applaud Glee and especially Chris Colfer's acting in this episode who is justifiably upset by his first kiss being the product of self-hate, rather than love.

As I'd mentioned before, Beiste is also upset about her first kiss or, more accurately her lack of one. Shue kindly donates one but... this is sort of what I don't like about it. It is a sweet, friendly kiss and it doesn't exactly feel like a pity kiss... but it still wears on me a little bit... as if Shue himself doesn't really believe that Beiste could get a date and kisses her as a sort of weird consolation prize.  I think they should've backed off on that one.  It didn't really work for me. I wanted it to... but it just didn't.


Raising Hope was typically fabulous. Hope gets a cold and Jimmy has to deal with the fact that the family has no insurance and he can't get her into the doctor.  It's pretty awesome. Especially when Mom and Dad crack up at even the mention of insurance:
Burt: Oh yeah, the insurance, let me have the butler get it out of the hot air balloon!
 Good Stuff.

I'm still watching TV.  Still Writing. Still getting ready for (a previously unannounced) trip which will prevent me from blogging for over a week. I'll catch up with you later.