Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Burn Notice, SGU, Blog Leave

TV Watched Tonight:
My Name is Earl x2
How I Met Your Mother x2
Burn Notice x2
Star Trek TOS: Let This Be Your Last Battlefield
Storm Chasers

Man, I love Burn Notice.  I love Michael, Sam and Fiona.  I love Fiona's hip-bag so much I even have my own now.  Yeah! I feel like a total bad ass when I wear it.

If you haven't been watching Burn Notice, that's ok. I forgive you. We didn't start watching it until this summer but man, once we did it was so awesome that we were watching three or four episodes a day. 

Anyway, it's an off season show on USA so it runs in the Summer and Winter and new episodes premier tomorrow night.  So... if you can fit it into your Thursday nights, you should.

We also watched last night's Stargate Universe tonight and it was, as usual, effing brilliant. Rush and Young were stuck on a shutdown, stranded ship and The Destiny had to be piloted back to it by his friend Amanda who came aboard by use of the communication stones.  She inhabited Eli's new ginger girlfriend's body and eventually the rest of the Destiny wised up to the fact that she wasn't working with the rest of them but was instead hanging out in the freaking bridge, DRIVING THE SHIP! So, everyone found out and Young, good and mad, beat the shit out of Rush for a while before he decided to call it quits and make things ok between the two of them. 

The episode ends with Destiny's scientists, Eli at the helm, piloting the ship ala Star Trek... so nice.  We were all elated to see it.  It was really well done. Especially after they'd been holding out on us for so long, no one really driving the ship, no bridge crew, no real sense of organization.  It was just really special to see it all coming together and then... it all went to shit ala BSG style. WTF!?

Basically Simeon, a Lucian douchebag, has a grudge against Ginn (Eli's girlfriend, btw- they totally made it! Go Eli!) and he stops Amanda in Ginn's body and threatens her earlier in the episode.
We get a nice sense of foreboding but assume we won't get anymore Lucian blood grudge rage until the next episode and that's, unfortunately, where we were wrong. Just as we were enjoying the nice scene on the bridge, Simeon strolls right into Amanda's room, still in Ginn's body and the last thing we see is her sad, frightened face as the big alien door slides heavily to a close. 
 Damnit! I can't wait for next week... and speaking of which... I'm actually going to have to wait a couple of weeks.

I'm finishing up a Master of Fine Arts degree in Fiction and every six months I have to attend a week-long intensive residency. While there I go to tons and tons of lectures, do workshops every day, go to readings etc.  It's basically 12 hours per day for a little over a week and it's totally exhausting.  In fact, it's so exhausting that I watch absolutely ZERO tv the whole time.  That's a pretty big deal for me.  And, it's an even bigger deal for this blog... which is all about the TV I watch.  But, it is what it is and I've got some graduating to do next weekend.  So, wish me luck!  I'll write soon.