Friday, October 29, 2010


The Good Guys: "The Whistleblower"

This Spring, as the TV season was winding down, The Good Guys made a sneak appearance and really took Scott and I by surprise. We joined up because we love some good Buddy Cop Action Comedy but we stayed because this show, created by Matt Nix, is endlessly inventive and has a boat load of heart.

It was Good Guys that actually turned us on to the FANTASTIC Burn Notice which has risen to our top five current shows.

Colin "Baby" Hanks (son of Tom Hanks, btw- he totally inherited his dad's run AND running face, LOVE IT!) and Bradley Whitford (of the sadly short-lived Studio 60) reluctantly team up to solve crime and bust ass but, over the Summer Season (and now into the extended Fall Season) they've developed a solid friendship that runs as a recurrent theme in the show.

This week, we get a second appearance of CSI Samantha, the adorable new lab assistant who immediately starts crushing on Jack (Colin Hanks) while he and Dan (Whitford) chase down a gorgeous but unlucky, toe-headed assassin with sexy lips.  Meanwhile, Lt. Ruiz is being stalked by a peeping tom and Dan vows to be her body guard in spite of tons of spunky Ruiz-Style protest.

As is traditional in this show, a ton of perfectly likable coincidences, some well conceived time shifts, and a healthy smattering of match cuts line up so that the assassin, the guy who paid her, the guy to caused the whole mess, and the peeping tom all get what's coming to them courtesy of Dan and Jack. "Whistleblower"catches the dual meaning in that it's the catalyst of the A-plot (the dangerous high-stakes, white collar assassin story) as well as serving as a literal "blowing of a whistle" when the "Perv Whistles" that Dan's been doling out through the whole episode finally come into play--he blows his own whistle to distract the sexy-lipped assassin and kick start the final showdown.

It's not the best episode of the season but it was still really funny, really well done, with excellent additions to the character arcs of the season.  Liz breaks up with her lame whistle blowing ex, Jack and CSI Samantha hit it off, Dan and Ruiz create a few sparks, and Julius drops by to inject some great Supa-Snitch humor into the B-plot.  The episode ends with a great pan out on a familial cook out.  Everyone's laughing and drinking beer and looking as though their awesome show isn't in danger of Fox bringing down the ax.

Anytime I love a show that's on Fox, I feel a constant anxiety about its likely lifespan and The Good Guys is no exception.  It's funny, smart, different, and quirky and... it's on Friday at 9pm. The Death Slot.

I really hope this show sticks around. It's high time for the return of the Buddy Cop and I really want to follow Dan and Jack on their zany adventures for a long, long time.